___review : Recent Paintings, 2000

"A relatively somber pleasure is revealed in Lynn Glaser's obstreperously large landscapes, which pull off the daunting trick of being both urgent and aloof at the same time. As such, they take an honorable place in a painterly tradition that runs from Arthur Dove to Clyfford Still. Almost always, Glaser's paintings seize a vantage point that rises high above the dramatic musculature of the depicted earth, rock, and sea. Their ruggedly undulating paint surfaces betray a curiously eccentric bland of descriptive modeling with a graphic Esperanto that could be a geomancer's fantasy of seismic earth energy. This reconciliation of appearance and essence is enhanced and clarified by Glaser's consistent palette, which strikes a quietly efflorescent balance between Fauve chromatics and the atmospheric tonalism of German Romanticism."

Mark Van Proyen
Art Issues
September | October 2000