___artist's statement

"Art does not need to make sense or to function or to demonstrate any particular idea. It testifies to the beauty of imperfect human thought and action muddled up with feeling."
Sean Scully, Barcelona, 2002

"A way is just what I don't want... With each new painting I find a way all too soon, and that's when the trouble starts."
Richard Diebenkorn, from Abstractions on Paper, 2013

The quotations above describe what I look for in abstract art and how I approach my own work. My early training in abstraction was in music, which except for texted forms and programmatic pieces is non-narrative. I studied piano quite seriously from childhood and went on to earn keyboard and music history degrees at university.

When I returned to UCBerkeley to study painting I was drawn to non-narrative work from the beginning and then found my 'subject' tied to the sensation of being in nature. I was attracted to the inherent openness. I am exhilarated by the forms produced by force in its ongoing mutations.

My paintings are ordered first by a group title and then by year.